Professional Software Cloud Platform

Giocloud professional software cloud platform is a platform that using cloud computing technology combining with the features of oilfields exploration & development projects to build unified computing resources, software resources, storage space and user management.

The platform could be accessed by low bandwidth network. Through the platform, the software and hardware resources and data resources could be shared, the authorized resources could be used, the research tools could be standardized, the behaviors could be traced, and the research results could be inherited. Thus the platform could be an integrated research application and management platform. There, it could create a borderless application environment and a unified data environment for researchers where resources could be shared, data could be exchanged. It could also create a high efficient and intelligent production research environment for the users where they could make high efficient research decisions, and coordinate the collaborative and information feedback mechanisms.

Professional Software Cloud Platform

Product Architecture

The infrastructure of software cloud platform includes user management module, asset management module, data management module, operation & maintenance management module and operation analysis module. After the infrastructure is completed, a resource management and service platform could be formed which is stable and reliable, with advanced technology and could be controlled independently.

Product Advantages

Without breaking the existing administrative pattern of the oilfield, not increasing the work intensity of technicians and not rebuilding the underlying database, integrate the software and hardware resources required for research, form a unified software and hardware resource pool, and then published, managed and shared through the cloud uniformly. Combined with the characteristics of business research such as oil and gas exploration and development, structural interpretation and structural modeling, by integrating and studying the hardware resources, software resources and data resources of business, unified publishing the resources through the platform, low bandwidth network application, authorization sharing and remote collaborative work of research resources could be realized.

Application Scenario

When the enterprise hardware resources and software resources are relatively scattered, the cloud platform has the mode of distributed deployment. The enterprise headquarters sets up a primary cloud platform, and the subsidiaries deploy a secondary cloud platform. All users, hardware resources and software resources of the headquarters and subsidiaries are uniformly managed by the primary platform, and the authorized users could publish the resources and access to the resources through the platform, so as to meet the requirements of business research like resources sharing and collaborative working.

Product Value

Giocloud professional software cloud platform has been popularized and applied in a large scale of CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC. At present, there are thousands of online users. The professional software deployed on the cloud platform including exploration, development, engineering and other business fields, and there are nearly 100 kinds of professional software.

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