Exploration & Development Collaborative Research Environment Building & Consulting Service

The exploration and development research business needs to improve efficiency and reduce uncertainty risk urgently. By building collaborative research environment, problems such as research data collection, data transmission, achievement sharing and collaboration can be solved, digital transformation of research business could be realized, and research efficiency could be improved.

Yuexin Technology has a complete methodology and path planning experience which could support the tools to implement the collaborative research environment.

Successful Cases

Petro China Southwest

Oil & Gasfield Company

CNOOC Tianjin Branch

Three levels of the exploration & development

collaborative research environment construction.

Establishing a collaborative working environment with the basin level asset library as the core

Establishing an enterprise level data integration environment

Establishing a cloud research environment

Business Scope

The business scope can cover the exploration & development research business including conventional gas, tight gas, shale gas and gas storage of oil and gas field companies, the specific business includes planning, exploration deployment, zone target evaluation, well location deployment (exploration well deployment and development well deployment), gas reservoir evaluation, development plan preparation, production performance analysis and gas storage optimization design.

Construction Content

(1) Building platform portal and collaborative operation management module/platform

(2) Building professional software resource integration sharing service module/platform

(3) Building data integration sharing service module/platform

(4) Building a static research model for exploration and a dynamic research model for development

(5) Building N types of collaborative research intelligent Scenario so as to do exploration & development research.

Capability Model

The Exploration & Development Collaborative Capability Model lists three areas of exploration & development collaboration (digital transformation) capabilities, and each subdivided content, and provides reference values for each capability in a mature exploration & development collaboration environment.

For details on the use of the ability model, please consult Yuexin Technology.

New Capability Index Item Remarks

Research Business Collaboration & Sharing Capability

collaborative management capacity project, special topics, production project online collaborative research support scopes
Professional application software, system cloud sharing capacity Professional application software and application system from individual user to cloud sharing users
Ability of unified and centralized management and utilization of research data Under the condition of digitization, reduce the working time of researchers in data collecting, sorting and quality controlling; greatly improve the data utilization rate and give the full play to its value.
The coverage of research model The static and dynamic research model of exploration and development is built to cover traps, gas reservoirs, wellbore ground, etc. so as to better support the requirements from collaborative research of exploration and development
Improving the efficiency of comprehensive research Under the condition of collaborative sharing research model, to improve research efficiency in data acquisition, research software invocation, data transmission and conversion, research method inheritance, achievement exchanging and sharing, etc.
Improving the consistency of study in different field of the research By using the unified research model, the ability of information sharing and message transmission among different fields is improved, so that the inconsistency of study in single well, connected well, profile, plane and space is avoided, and the consistency of study in different fields such as earthquake, geology, well logging and gas reservoir is improved.

Efficient management ability of scientific & research and production business

Online management and control capability in research project Online management rate of research business related scientific research projects, special topics and production projects
The ability of unified management of research results Online sharing rate of research results in various projects

The ability to support scientific decision making

Making planning, zone target evaluation, gas reservoir evaluation, well location deployment, development scheme design, etc The support of collaborative research environment for major exploration and development business decision making