Professional Data Cloud Platform

By the means of data integration, data management, research result management and knowledge base construction, the research data of exploration and development engineering businesses could be interconnected, the project fellowship data could be archived, managed and inherited, and the business data could be visualized. Researchers can realize collaborative research among different areas for the same research object by sharing interactive views, and the research results of various projects could be mutually confirmed. Thus, it could form an intelligent closed-loop management, and provide a unified access to the outside world, so as to realize one-stop data service, and achieve the goal of establishing a unified project research data environment.

Product Value

Giocloud professional data cloud platform has been deployed in CNPC Exploration and Development Research Institute, CNOOC Shanghai branch and other customers, and makes a solid foundation for creating the collaborative research environment for exploration and development engineering.

Application Scenario

Exploration and development engineering business of Oil & Gas field company

Exploration and development research institute of Oil & Gas field enterprise

Product Advantages

To realize a unified project research data environment, integrate the functions of research software, basic research data, process data, research result data, non research information, data governance, comprehensive display of data and decision-making application, form an integrated collaborative research working environment for the whole oilfield or Research Institute, so that the software, research process, basic research data and research result study could be shared in all respects. Thus, it could promote the high collaborating work among different departments and the improvement of scientific research ability, reduce the cost of using and maintaining data by units and individuals, and enable experts to focus on business research.

Product Architecture

Giocloud professional data cloud platform uses data integration technology to establish a virtual database based on the unified data model by using the existing data environment of the oilfield, so as to uniformly associate the data of each database to ensure the consistency, accuracy and integrity of the data, and form a unified data resource pool; Then, data centralization could be realized logically;

When it comes to application, through the unified data interface, the data resource pool transmits data to all kinds of application software; Through the platform, data could exchange among various professional application software; under the unified data environment, all research units could work collaboratively even cross fields; At last, it could provide data visualization display and application through a unified window, at the same time, it could also provide data support for enterprise big data platform, and carry out data innovation mining and application, assist business decision-making and guide production research.

Product display