Data Center Intelligent Operation & Maintenance Platform

The intelligent operation & maintenance platform which is built and developed by cloud technology is from the business perspective. The platform can provide operation & maintenance, operation monitoring, trend analysis, fault traceability, alarm pushing and other services for the hardware, software, system and application of the data center.

Platform Architecture

From the overall architecture, the intelligent operation & maintenance platform could be divided into data storage layer, business logic layer and access layer; it increases the kits for the low coupling data acquisition according to the requirements for the performance of system monitoring and statistical analysis; It builds the system according to the requirements of operation & maintenance from business system and operating system services.

Application Scenario

1. Data can be collected through the user-defined development mode, but the writing mode is strictly according to the specified method to put in the database. Relevant monitoring pages can be configured in the monitoring template to access relevant indicators.

2. Standardized product deployment mode. Simple logo customization and style customization could be done on the platform.

Successful Cases

CNPC Intelligent Operation & Maintenance System

The equipment and its running status of Group could be acquired and monitored in real time. Thus the information of infrastructure assets and its running status could be mastered objectively.

Product Features

Operation & Maintenance Intellectualization

Full Data Interface

Visualization of operating and maintaining process; Visualization of Business Scene

Unlimited Storage Capacity

Rich display of plug-ins, support user-defined