Information infrastructure services

Advantage 1: Multi-business Integration

It has the ability to independently complete the integration businesses involved in various large-scale information systems including hardware, software, application, service, data, business etc.

Advantage 2: Multi-brands Integration

We have established long-term cooperation with many IT software & hardware manufacturers both at home and abroad. We have products with many brands and service certifications.

Advantage 3: Multi-products Integration

Server, storage, network, security, operation system, database, general software, and professional software...

Advantage 4: Various Types of Services

Full services from project planning, technical consulting, equipment installing, adjusting and optimizing to operating, maintaining, data migrating/recovering, equipment relocating, etc.

Typical Cases

Cloud resource pool constructing project

We have deployed more than 10 sets of high-end storage in the cloud environment for a group company, covering the company level data centers like Changping, Jilin and Karamay, etc.We completed the cloud implementation of 48 unified systems such as ERP, gas station management, financial sharing service platform, e-procurement system, exploration and production technology data management system, treasure system, oil production and surface engineering operation management system and ERP & FMIS integration scheme, then build a unified cloud resource pool.

Technical highlights: We have large scale, multi-types of business to realize resource sharing among the different data centers, to unify management and centralize dispatching, and to meet online and cloud migrating requirements of multi application system.

High performance parallel storage project

An exploration company has a lot of data and has high requirements for storage capacity and performance. Traditional storage is difficult to meet the customers’ requirements. The parallel storage system selected and implemented for customers by Beijing Yuexin Times Technology Co., Ltd. has the ability to realize the linear growth both in capacity and performance. The parallel storage system can be easily planned and managed on demand, and it could provide extremely high and stable performance. At present, the capacity of the parallel storage system is more than 50pb and it could be expanded continuously.

Technical highlights: scale out architecture provides almost unlimited storage space for the unstructured data, and it can realize expanding capacity online.

High performance computing cluster project

Beijing Yuexin Times Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience in high-performance cluster projects, and it has implemented the CPU for more than 3000 node and GPU projects for more than 1000 node. The performance of HPC cluster of high-performance computing implemented for a Geophysical Exploration Research Institute even exceeds the original test value.

Technical highlights: excellent ability for project implementing and system adjusting and optimizing.